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Main Cast: Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah, Esther Kwan Wing Ho, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Lydia Shum, Chun Pui Cameos: Gallen Lo Ka Leung, Miriam Yeung, Carlo Ng, Cheung Tat Ming, Gordon Lam, Mak Cheung Ching, Lau Hiu Tung, Nick Cheung Warning! Spoiler Review! The story started out with Chun Pui defending his honor as the best cook. The challenger was Bobby, Chun Pui's student. During the competition Bobby accidentally sneezed and the peppers went flying into Chun Pui's dish. The judge then says that Chun Pui's food tasted weird and Bobby won. Bobby knew that he didn't win it, but because of his sneeze, Chun Pui lost. Chun Pui was devastated. He ran away and was never seen again. Three years later, Esther, Chun Pui's daughter, was trying to cook for the restaurant that her father had left her. Lydia, Pui's wife, was doing her best to help her daughter. Unfortunately, Esther was a bad, very bad, cook and the customers complained about the food and everything. Meanwhile a restaurant across Esther's was doing excellent. The chef for that restaurant was Louis Koo. Louis has a problem with speaking. His girlfriend is Miriam Yeung. Esther's restaurant is doing terrible and so was her cooking. Bobby returned and his image was totally different from 3 years ago so no one can recognize him. His image was soooo funny especially with his fake hair and goatee. Bobby offered that he would buy half of the restaurant and teach Esther how to cook. They thought that it was too good to be true and that Bobby might be up to something, but he wasn't. He just wants to feel less guilty by helping Chun Pui's family. Maggie was introduced as a reporter who was determined to find out who was the God of Cookery. She later mistakens Louis for it and kept following Louis until he would admit to her that he was the God of Cookery. The judge for the event 3 years ago was acquainted with Maggie and Louis, so he told Maggie that Louis was not the God of Cookery. When Maggie's parents want her to return to Canada with her, she didn't want to go so she claimed that she was already married. By now Maggie gets to know the people from Louis' workplace really well and she wanted to find a fake husband real quick, but the owner of the restaurant was too old and short. Hiu Fung, Louis' student, was unfitting, so finally she chose Louis, and he agreed to help her. However, the task was not easy because Lau Hiu Tung, Maggie's aunt, suspects that they're not really husband and wife, so she went and put a camera inside their room. Maggie knew it and took off her shirt and threw it at the camera, but Tung went in and took the shirt. So finally Tung found out by their fake honeymoon's video, but she knew that Maggie liked Louis so she let them do their wedding. On the night of the wedding, Miriam called Louis and said that she was going to jump off a building because Louis is getting married. Louis told her that it was all fake, he was just doing his friend a favor, but that time the TV station caught the footage and was live on TV, and everyone at the wedding saw it. Maggie and Tung tried to make up excuses that it was not Louis, but her parents' weren't blind but they didn't say anything. After the wedding they returned Canada, but before they went, they told Louis that they knew that it was fake and told him to take care of Maggie. Jessica Hester Hsuan turned out to be Bobby's si miu. She was also a chef, and she was in love with Bobby. She is very annoying in this series. She tried everything to intervene into Bobby and Esther's relationship, but later she went with her si fu, which was Cheung Tat Ming. Later, Esther found out that Bobby was the one who caused this to her father so she stopped seeing Bobby. Bobby then cut his hair and shaved his goatee and said that he was Bobby's twin, Orange (I think). Esther rejected him and say that she only love Bobby, SOOOO Bobby revealed his identity to her, but she slapped him and said that she can't forgive him for what he did! As the story goes on it told how Bobby lost his sense of taste because a guy was trying to get revenge and Louis became famous. Since he was really honest and you could say a little dumb, Hiu Fung, his student, started to control his career. He didn't let Louis see Maggie because he said Louis was too busy. The guy that was getting revenge on Bobby put something in Maggie's food and made her love Bobby. Louis got jealous and challenged Bobby, since someone told him that only winning will bring Maggie back to him. But Bobby lost his taste sense, so he lost. During the competition, Maggie smelled some kind of herb and she was back to normal, and Louis thought that if he keeps winning she'd be with him. The guy started to put out in the market can foods with Louis on the label, but when people start to eat it they got stomach aches and have to go the hospital. People started to bash Louis and he immediately dropped from fame and owed a lot of money. Louis hid away from people and Hiu Fung knew what he did was wrong and was sorry. Maggie went to comfort Louis and told him that it all right. They got back together. As for Bobby and Esther, in the end, Chun Pui gained his memory back and returned to his family. Esther finally forgave Bobby, and they live happily ever after! The story was quite funny, but I only like it when Louis and Maggie were on screen. They make a great couple. Bobby and Esther were too in the beginning. Later it gets a little boring. The story overall was great! Louis was sooo funny in this series.