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Starring Bobby Au-Yeung - the principal (Kar Ji Cai) Kenix Kwok - Miss Wong (Ruo Shi) teacher Michael Tao - Tsang Zheng Liang (teacher) Chun Pui - Uncle Biao (principal’s uncle) Shirley Yeung - Ying en (relief teacher) Synopsis: The story centred around Government Flying Service (Hong Kong), which is responsible for search and rescue (SAR), air ambulance, firefighting and assist in police operations. (GFS)is Hong Kong's special force that has the least number of staff but they provide the most service. Their motto is 「隨時候命」(SEMPER PARATUS),to serve the people and the government. The belief hasn't changed all these years so they manage to save countless lives. This drama covers the lives of the staff – how they cope with their jobs and also interacting with their families. It is also on how the seniors train their juniors. Friendship starts to bond between them too. How will they do when their close friends are in danger? Should they quit their jobs when they are forced to? This drama also signifies Ekin's return 7 years later after leaving TVB. Did he change from the past?