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Starring Bobby Au-Yeung - the principal (Kar Ji Cai) Kenix Kwok - Miss Wong (Ruo Shi) teacher Michael Tao - Tsang Zheng Liang (teacher) Chun Pui - Uncle Biao (principal’s uncle) Shirley Yeung - Ying en (relief teacher) Synopsis: This interesting drama revolves around a private school known as WDPS. The scene began with Miss Wong (Kenix Kwok), who just started her teaching profession at WDPS. The former old principal of WDPS had a heart attack, so he had to retire early. Ji Cai (Bobby Au-Yeung), was a high-ranking accountant and he arrived home after his successful business trip. Most unfortunately, Zheng Liang (Michael Tao) on the way broke Ji cai’s antique vase. Since then, both of them bore a grudge against each other. Ji Cai had just settled a major business contract, and he was expecting to be promoted to Financial Manager. But, to his surprise and indignation, his boss requested him to be the principal of WDPS, so as to cut down its deficit budget and increase the miserable intake of 200-odd students.