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Đạo diễn: Tiêu Hiển Huy, Diễn viên: Quan Vịnh Hà,Ngô Khải Hoa,Uyển Quỳnh Đan,Trịnh Tử Thành,Thang Doanh Doanh, Before I watched the series, the cast blew me away. As you can see, TVB enlisted a very star studded cast. Esther Kwan ("Lady Flower Fist") stars as Ah Ying, a girl who is very honest but has a very limited education. Lawrence Ng ("The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000") also stars as Ching Ho Yeen, a rich man, who is trying to continue is family's theater business that became haunted by ghosts. The series also costars Eileen Yeow, Cheng Zhi Sing ("Man's Best Friend"), and Yuen King Dang. Although the cast includes Esther and Lawrence, the series falls quite short. The story starts out quite promising but just gets too weird and boring in the middle. The first few episodes were rather dull and boring. The series picks up speed later but again dies down after the middle. The ending was quite disappointing as TVB kills of one of the main character, Lawrence. I was hoping for a happy ending since the entire series wasn't.