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Diễn viên: Điền Nhuỵ Ni,Đường Thi Vịnh,Trần Chí Sâm,Quách Thiếu Vân,Lý Á Nam,Nguyễn Triệu Tường,Kiều Bảo Bảo, Chinese Title: 衝呀!瘦薪兵團 English Title: No Good Either Way Genre: Modern Comedy Producer: Amy Wong (Burning Flames, Under the Canopy of Love, The Seventh Day, The Other Truth) Synopsis Product designer ALEX MO NGA LIK (Ruco Chan) and marketing director STEVE MAN KA WAH (Louis Yuen) have a brotherly relationship. Although the two won appreciation from their boss KO WAI TING (Stephen Au), general director VIOLET CHE WING HAN (Florence Kwok) abuses her authority and takes away all their hope for a promotion. Disappointed in their company for the "Boss's Ten Faults", STEVE partners with his Indian good friend INTERPAL SING SIU LUNG (Q Bobo) in a private business. To make matters worst, ALEX's girlfriend NING LING JING (Kristal Tin) joins the company, works for VIOLET and gets promoted to manager. STEVE becomes a boss as well. As the environment begins to change, STEVE and LING start putting pressure on their subordinates and violates the "Boss's Ten Faults" themselves. Impulsive "Post-80" MO KIN YEE (Nataile Tong) wanted to buy a home as soon as possible and mistakenly buys a haunted house. Soon after, YEE gets to know YIU YI LONG (Jason Chan), who she thought was the "best deal" among all men, but she later finds out he's actually a "rotten deal".