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Đạo diễn: Lý Thiêm Thắng, Diễn viên: Ngô Khải Hoa,Thái Thiếu Phấn,Lê Tư,Quan Lễ Kiệt,, Vietnamese Title: Cau Vong Trong Dem No. of Chinese Episodes: 22 No. of Vietnamese Tape: 16 Warning: Spoilers! The Cast: Ada Choi Gigi Lai Lawrence Ng Eddie Kwan Margaret Chung I would like to start out this review by saying how great Fate Twisters was. It is so far the best modern series of 2003!! Due to my love for the series, I am writing this review 5 hours after finishing the series. The Basic Plot Lawrence Ng plays the son of a rich business man; however, his identity was unknown in the first half of the series. Gigi Lai is an intelligent, independent lady working for Lawrence's dad company. When she finds the truth of Lawrence's identity, she begins to "love" him, or maybe she loves him for his money and power. The love triangle involves Eddie to Gigi, Gigi to Lawrence, and Lawrence to Ada.