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Cast Adam Cheng: Liu Bang Wong Kah: Xiang Yu Maggie Cheung: Liu Chi Melissia Ng: Qiu Jiu Wayne Lai: Han Xin Ram Tseung: Zhang Liang Storyline After the fall of the short-lived Qin dynasty, two men rose up from the many rival powers to be the most likely emperor of the new dynasty. A five-year war soon followed, titled the "Chu-Han contention" - fought by the Chu against the Han (whose armies were leaded by Xiang Yu and Liu Bang respectively) Xiang Yu was the favorite, being a brave and valiant general and a descendant of Chu nobility while Liu Bang, a man of humble beginnings, doesn't seem capable for the throne. But only the man who has the mandate of heaven could be emperor. The war ended with the total defeat of Xiang's armies and his death at Wu River while Liu Bang proclaimed himself emperor. He united the whole central plains and founded the "Han Dynasty", which lasted for over 400 years.