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Diễn viên: Ôn Thiệu Luân,Quách Ái Minh,Tuyên Huyên,Thương Thiên Nga,Khương Đại Vệ,Mai Tiểu Huệ,Nguyễn Triệu Tường, oreword Do you wish to see Hsuan Huen in a comical role? This is also the second time Wan Siu Lun works together with Kwok Oi Ming after 'Conscience'. Also how does he act with Hsuen Huen before 'Outburst' and 'Golden Faith'? Story/Introduction on Characters He works at the Ocean Park as a bird trainer. Being arrogant and traditional, he doesn’t like a woman to be his superior. Thus he is often at loggerheads with Chi Shun. However, he doesn’t realize that their link is a match from heaven. He prefers to be with Si Si. But when Chi Shun is dying, he realizes who he really loves and marries her. Siu Lun does this cheeky role well as he is young then to fit the age.